Men’s Bags

Belt Bags

Belt bags for men are one of the most useful accessories you’ll wear this year. Once deemed as the bag for airport dads has reemerged in the fashion scene as one of the most stylish and versatile pieces in today’s market, thanks to luxury and high-end brands. It lies between the sweet spot of a backpack and a shoulder bag. Now that you know of its usage and functionality, let's get right into the Kuwait edit, shall we? If you are looking for a trusty, everyday option that will stand the test of time, Emporio Armani belt bags are the way to go. They come in an all-black palette with EA logo that styles well with all ‘fits. For those looking to wear their logos loud and proud, Gucci and Valentino’s takes on this accessory will do justice to your flamboyant persona. And when the occasion calls for a mix of minimalism with recognizable branding; Bottega Venetta’s Cassete belt bags are the perfect mix of the two. They are made with the famous intrecciato weave, featuring no logos.