Home Fragrances

Bring peace and calm into your space with our selection of Home Fragrances. While finding the right scent for your space can uplift the energy, while the wrong one will dull down the mood. Our Kuwait edit has a variety of home fragrances: diffusers, candles, and home sprays to choose from along with a range of scents from woody and spicy to calming and relaxing. Picking a fragrance for your home is similar to picking one for your body. To create a warm and welcoming ambience, choose a fragrance like Dr Vranjes Ambra Spray with notes of sandalwood and jasmine. Just a few spritzes before the guests arrive will set the mood just right. A cult favorite brand, in this case, is Le Labo, whose Petit Grain 21 scented candle is crafted using soy wax and pure cotton wicks. In the day to day life, opt for classics like Jo Malone, Diptyque and Byredo.