Fine Jewelry


Earrings from our fine jewelry collection act as subtle touches of glamor that complement your ensembles. Some are even bold enough to act as a statement piece that pulls the entire outfit together. No matter which route you choose to take, these pairs are the perfect place to build your collection. Carefully crafted from 18k gold, diamonds, pearls and other precious stones, fine jewelry earrings act as profitable investments too, along with being a fashionable adornment. International labels like Marli New York, David Yurman and Boucheron are the artisans behind timeless designs in our Kuwait collection. The wide range of styles features everything from huggies and hoops to drop earrings and studs. While regional and homegrown brands are rising into prominence with designs inspired by Arab culture and craftsmanship. Bil Arabi, Yataghan and Noora Shawqi pieces add meaning and sentimental touch to the wearer’s looks which makes them the perfect gift for loved ones.