Your eyes are the windows to your soul. How you care for them and decorate their lids and lashes can set the tone for your look. After a long night of partying, if you want to look awake and fresh for a meeting the next morning, a little concealer around your eyes and a few coats of mascara can do the trick. The same goes for when trying to achieve a sultry look for date night or a bold one for formal events. It is all in the eyes. And, just like all good beauty looks, you need to start with a good base which starts with eyecare in this case. Luxury brands like Chanel, Kiehls and Clarins offer powerful dark circles reducing and anti-aging products that you should add to your daily beauty routine. When it comes to makeup for eyes, our Kuwait edit features everything from base and primers to brow essentials. And for those who feel incomplete without a swoosh of eyeshadow or a swipe of liner, we’ve got all the pigmented palettes and precision-led pencils your heart can desire.