We currently accept the following tender types for Orders placed on our Website: Visa and Mastercard، MADA , & KNET cards, You can also use PayPal and Apple Pay to facilitate payment or our cash on delivery option. A Bloomingdale’s gift card , store credit and Amber points can also be used to make online purchases.

Payment will be taken at the time you place your Order. By entering payment details onto our Website, you warrant that you are duly authorized to pay using those details. We reserve the right to decline Orders without liability to you where we believe payments are not authorized, the payment method is not valid or where we do not think you are authorized to use to utilize the relevant tender type.

Please note that you can't pay Cash on delivery on orders exceeding the following amount ( per country) : UAE order : 10,000 AED , Kuwait orders : 1000 KWD

PayPal Payments

As PayPal does not support KWD, all transactions completed through PayPal will be charged in USD. Due to this currency conversion, an additional charge will be added when completing your PayPal payment. Orders completed through PayPal will be redirected to a PayPal page.